Growth by design, not by accident

Our mission as a company is to grow and create growth. This doesn’t just happen, though – it’s planned. In fact, we’ve designed an optimization process to plan exactly how we’ll improve your campaigns every month.

All about optimization

ParaCore’s proven optimization process has three key pieces: a monthly schedule, landing page design and development, and monthly reporting. Together, they help us strategically manage your account to ensure your results get better and better each month.

Monthly optimization schedule

Our team analyzes your campaigns’ successes and struggles each week. Then, we develop a customized monthly optimization schedule to focus on improving one area at a time.

Landing page design and development

Effective landing pages are critical, but often overlooked. That’s why we optimize your landing pages, set up accurate tracking, and test them regularly to make them even better.

Clear monthly reports

Our simple monthly reports show you exactly what’s working and what’s not. With this information, you’ll always know the current results and how we’ll grow them the following month.

Curious how we could improve your campaigns?

Schedule a free meeting to learn about our optimization process and how it will help get the results you’ve been searching for.