We never “set it and forget it”

Managing campaigns is like planning a road trip. You can’t just hop in the car with anyone, set cruise control, and hope you arrive. You need someone experienced who has clear directions on how to get there. Consider us your digital marketing chauffeur.

Our strategy for success

ParaCore’s optimization schedule ensures every campaign gets frequent attention and never goes on cruise control.

Each month, our Account Managers analyze campaigns to see what’s working and what’s not. Then, we pick one area that could be improved, set a goal, and develop a strategy for achieving it.

For example, if a campaign’s ads are getting lots of clicks but visitors aren’t converting, we’ll focus on optimizing the landing page one month and see how that improves the results.

Or, let’s say a handful of keywords are consistently attracting more conversions than the others. In that case, we would pause some of the lower-performing keywords and spend time researching phrases that are similar to the high performers in hopes of attracting more conversions.

This process helps us be intentional about optimization and drive success for our clients.

See past successes

See our strategy for your campaigns.

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