We never “set it and forget it”

Managing campaigns is like planning a road trip. You can’t just hop in the car with anyone, set cruise control, and hope you arrive. You need someone experienced who has clear directions on how to get there. Consider us your digital marketing chauffeur.

Our strategy for success

ParaCore’s optimization schedule ensures every campaign gets frequent attention and never goes on cruise control.

Each month, our Account Managers analyze campaigns to see what’s working and what’s not. Then, we pick one area that could be improved, set a goal, and develop a strategy for achieving it.

For example, if a campaign’s ads are getting lots of clicks but visitors aren’t converting, we’ll focus on optimizing the landing page one month and see how that improves the results.

Or, let’s say a handful of keywords are consistently attracting more conversions than the others. In that case, we would pause some of the lower-performing keywords and spend time researching phrases that are similar to the high performers in hopes of attracting more conversions.

This process helps us be intentional about optimization and drive success for our clients.

See past successes

  • Paracore is terrific! If you're looking for an experienced, professional PPC management company to help with your company's search advertising you'll be happy to have found them. Adam and his team are knowledgeable, responsive and a pleasure to work with. They handle our Google Ads, display advertising, facebook advertising and Instagram advertising. They also handle our landing pages. HIghly recommended!

    Malcolm Marcus Avatar
    Malcolm Marcus

    Paracore is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They continually present us with new optimization ideas and genuinely care. I highly recommend working with them for PPC support.

    Lacey Walters Avatar
    Lacey Walters

    We have been working with ParaCore for just over 6 months. There are 4 things that really stand out with this organization responsiveness, communication, openness, and expertise. We came to them with several challenges and they really stepped up in a big way. They have always been available and provided regular updates. They are always very open about what they are seeing and what is happening. They are definitely experts in the paid search areas. They have no problem sharing exactly what they are doing. We are looking forward to a long term partnership.

    Andy Beery Avatar
    Andy Beery
  • ParaCore has done an amazing job helping me and my organization with Paid search, video and social programs around the world. I love how proactive, organized and passionate they have been. It's been a great pleasure! If anyone is looking for an agency for these services, you will not go wrong with ParaCore!

    Xiaoxi Froemming Avatar
    Xiaoxi Froemming

    We have been partnering with ParaCore since 2018. Our account is complex and they love the challenge. They work hard to earn our business by presenting new trends, testing new methods and evolving our account each month. They are organized, quick, kind, accommodating, technical and they make an effort to understand our business.

    Kristin Ulrich-Uhles Avatar
    Kristin Ulrich-Uhles

    ParaCore has been amazing. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and professional. After trying to personally navigate Google Ad's for a couple of years I found it to be confusing and ever changing. Having a professional, knowledgeable company like ParaCore has increased the quality of leads and reduced our monthly spend. I highly recommend ParaCore.

    Shaun Murphy Avatar
    Shaun Murphy

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