The core of ParaCore

Our work may be digital, but it’s the real people behind the scenes that make all the difference. Their curiosity and creativity have propelled us from a one-man development shop to a top-notch digital marketing team in just a few years.

The people who make everything possible


    Adam Arkfeld

    President & Founder

    “And when you want something, all the world conspires in helping you achieve it.”

    I was on the keto diet for a minute so I order a double steak bowl, no rice, light pinto beans (now, not when on keto!), fajitas, cheese, guacamole, all 3 salsas, and no sour cream (sick!). Fills you up but doesn’t feel like a brick in your stomach.

    Agh! La Croix or Cold Brew!? I’d go with La Croix (coconut flavor) because I drink an average of 3 a day. I can grab cold brew in the morning on the way in, but La Croix is an absolute staple for me in the afternoon.

    Get up super early, like 4:00 am. Meditate, journal, do something I want to focus on for work, go to hot yoga, take the family to an activity in the morning, grab lunch on a patio, read while the kids are napping, go out to dinner, then go to bed before 10.

    I used to be a pretty big rap fan. I’ve been to 5 Lil Wayne concerts and they were all amazing and horrible at the same time. I think the love somehow stems from my jazz band roots in high school.


    Bekah Knoll

    Director of Accounts

    “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” - Steve Jobs

    Without the burrito! ;) Always shredded lettuce on the bottom of my bowl, it’s critical, along with lots and lots of green tabasco!

    Coconut La Croix! 100%

    A little retail therapy, I can literally shop for hours and hours... and come back a better person!

    I studied Arabic after visiting Egypt twice in one year... I love the language and would love to be fluent!


    Giancarlo Pinilla

    Assistant Director of Accounts

    “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

    Burrito bowl*
    Shredded lettuce on the bottom. Double brown rice. Black beans. Double veggies. Double meat (chicken or steak depending on what looks fresher) but I wait until Chipotle employee puts first spoon of meat into bowl before stating that I want double meat, this typically results in getting more meat overall. Pico de gallo. Corn. Cheese. Guacamole. Salad dressing on the side is a must.

    Cold brew coffee

    Take a private jet to Barcelona, spend the whole day on the beach and eat all the tapas in sight. Take a siesta at some point just to say I did.

    I played on the varsity chess team!


    Cortney Easton

    Paid Media Account Manager

    “A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected”.

    A bowl with shredded lettuce on the bottom, no salad dressing. Little bit of black beans, barbacoa or chicken depending on how it looks, all salsas, cheese, and then guac if I’m feelin’ a little extra that day.

    Coffee! Love the cold brew corner here.

    Rent a luxurious cabin somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. I’d love to cook fresh salmon and sip wine, preferably by a fire and on a cozy leather couch.

    I grew up on a farm in a rural town in Minnesota.


    Rebecca Warne

    Paid Media Account Manager

    “Make your choice, adventurous Stranger, Strike the bell and bide the danger, Or wonder, till it drives you mad, What would have followed if you had.” - C.S. Lewis

    Steak burrito with pinto beans, cheese, chili corn and tomato salsas


    Sleep in, go to yoga, and watch college football with friends (go Hawkeyes!)

    I’m a sugar addict—Cadbury eggs are my all-time favorite candy


    Via Monk

    Paid Media Account Manager

    “The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters..” - Audrey Hepburn

    I’m all about the low-carb lifestyle, so I order my Chipotle burrito as a salad! In my salad I get lettuce, no black beans or cilantro rice, grilled veggies, chicken, medium salsa, and guacamole!

    Endless Starbucks Matcha Green Tea Lattes with coconut milk!

    I’d take a private jet to Mammoth to go snowboarding for the day!

    I’m a pretty good Texas Hold’em player!


    Mario Jiannino

    Paid Media Analyst

    “I come to work everyday and I feel so accomplished when I leave, ParaCore does that for me.”

    I actually get a salad, no meat, fajita veggies, white rice, black beans, every kind of salsa, cheese and some guac.


    Marathon Starwars

    I have 67 different suits that I wear all the time


    Lindsey Schultz

    Office Manager

    “Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.” - Proverbs - 12:25

    Bowl, no rice, no beans, fajita vegetables, barbacoa, mild, hot, cheese, guacamole, sour cream on the side


    Drink coffee, lay in the sun, grill out, watch a movie

    Prior to graduating high school, I was strongly considering a degree/career in mortuary science.


    Marc Korionoff-Ojales

    Front-End Developer

    “I wanna be the very best. Like no one ever was.”

    Not a burrito but a bowl with a tortilla on the side. White Rice, No beans, Fajita Veggies, Chicken, Tamatillo-Green Salsa, Fresh Tomato Salsa, Roasted Chili-corn Salsa, Guacamole, Cheese, Lettuce


    Play games, Twitch, and hang out in discord

    I’ve fractured my skull.

The ParaCore culture

We hustle to maintain an environment dedicated to account performance, client satisfaction, and overall growth. When we relax, we typically get outdoors, try a fun activity, or have a few drinks in the afternoon. If you’re looking for half days of ping pong and video games, this ain’t your spot.

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  • 100% health insurance coverage
  • Two weeks PTO in your first year
  • Week off between Christmas and New Years
  • Paid holidays and sick time
  • 401k matching up to 4%
  • Life insurance
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Short-term disability insurance
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  • Digital Marketing Account Manager


  • Digital Marketing Account Manager


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