The core of ParaCore

Our work may be digital, but it’s the real people behind the scenes that make all the difference. Their curiosity and creativity have propelled us from a one-man development shop to a top-notch digital marketing team in just a few years.

The people who make everything possible


    Adam Arkfeld

    President & Founder

    In general, I like solving problems. I’m able to do that at ParaCore when I’m solving some sort of issue that involves managing data flow or connecting various services. I also love talking about branding and how that’s conveyed on the web.

    Working crazy hours is not sustainable and everyone burns out eventually. I try to keep a balance between my work and personal life as much as I can.

    We just get to do cool stuff all the time.

    I was a super huge band nerd in high school and majored in jazz performance on the tenor saxophone my first year of college.


    Bekah Knoll

    Director of Accounts

    Anything that teaches me something new, I’ll embrace a challenge any day!

    “Work hard, play harder.” I live by this, and it truly propels me in my day-to-day.

    The open and honest communication both inside and outside of the agency. Makes for GREAT teamwork all around!

    I lived in 5 cities before the age of 9, and now I can’t get enough of seeing new places!


    Lindsey Schultz

    Office Manager

    I enjoy projects that require me to work outside of my comfort zone. I embrace the challenge of being given opportunity to grow and develop in new ways.

    From my Dad: Focus on the solution, not the problem. Focusing on the problem uses valuable time and energy that could instead be spent on resolving the situation.

    I like the focus and diligence my co-workers give their work. The environment is fun and relaxed, but at the same time intense and productive!

    I think I come across as sweet and nice but I can be pretty tenacious.


    Giancarlo Pinilla

    Senior Account Manager

    A project that both promotes critical thinking & encourages team collaboration!

    You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love!

    I really enjoy the atmosphere of ParaCore! Everyone is incredibly friendly and willing to help. I believe passion is something that should fill a workspace and ParaCore has it in abundance!

    I played on the varsity Chess Team!


    Cortney Easton

    Paid Media Account Manager

    Anything that pushes me to learn something new, be creative, and allows me to work with people. I love exploring new creative practices inside of the digital marketing space, which makes this place the perfect fit.

    - Live in the present
    - Dream Big
    - If you’re unhappy, change.

    Working with extremely friendly, knowledgable people. ParaCore is efficient and runs like a well oiled machine. The vibe makes me excited to come to work each day!

    I grew up from very small roots on a small farm in Minnesota! So I'm relatively new to #CityGirlLife


    Nicole Hammond

    Paid Media Account Manager

    I love any project that requires me to think outside the box, or from a different perspective. In the ever-changing world of online marketing, this happens frequently!

    - Avoid taking left turns
    - Work smart, not hard

    Everyone’s drive and passion is astounding! Plus, you can really tell that Adam cares. He goes above and beyond to make his people happy.

    When I was almost 2 years old I drowned. I was gone for at least a few minutes before my Grandfather performed CPR and brought me back to life.


    Mario Jiannino

    Paid Media Analyst

    Any videogame project. I play a plethora of games but typically I have a goal when I enter the game and I love to put those strategies to good use and test them out! I totally consider this a project. Oh and I love cleaning; that’s a project too! - totally a passion I have.

    Stop fighting and stressing about money. It is only paper and that’s all it is.

    Everyone on the team is team oriented and really enjoys the kind of work we do. Adam, the owner of Paracore, is absoutely fantastic and really cares about the fluidity of his business. He’s really reliable and that 100% resonates with me as his employee.

    I have 67 different types and styles of suits and sets that I like to wear.


    Andrea Sydnor

    Digital Designer

    I love minimalistic designing because it’s timeless. I love subtle, yet creative simplicity.

    “Don’t take anything personally. Everyone is dealing with their own feelings, beliefs and opinions.”

    I love how everyday is different and challenging. Our team is very eclectic, which makes work fun and interesting. There is a lot to learn from everyone. It’s refreshing working for a company that is well organized in every process.

    I’ve played the violin for over 15 years. It’s not as much of passion as being a digital artist, but it’s been a helpful tool in managing life stress.


    Marc Korionoff-Ojales

    Front-End Developer

    A project where I am able to learn something new and challenge my way of thinking.

    Ideas are worthless without execution. Surround yourself with those who challenge your thought process. There is always something that can be learned. Focus your energy on the positives instead of the negatives.

    Everybody is passionate about what they do. Oh and there are free snacks and beverages. That’s a plus too.

    “I wanna be the very best. Like no one ever was.”

Creating a strong company culture

As ParaCore looks toward the future, we are dedicated to our motto: Grow & Create Growth. As a digital pay-per-click marketing agency, we continue to focus on generating leads to help grow our clients’ businesses, and surpass the ordinary into the extraordinary by doing what we do best: Digital PPC Marketing.

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  • 100% health insurance coverage
  • Three weeks PTO in your first year
  • Week off between Christmas and New Years
  • Paid holidays and sick time
  • 401k matching up to 4%
  • Life insurance
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Short-term disability insurance
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