Reports as easy as ABC: actionable, brief, and clear

Most digital marketing reports are overwhelming and hard to understand. Not around here! ParaCore’s simple monthly reports are actionable, brief, and clear so you have the information you need to make better decisions.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

Marketing reports are notorious for having pages and pages of meaningless data that only someone with an MBA and a statistics degree can understand, but we do things differently. Our team boils down all that complex data into a clear snapshot that focuses on the key information you need to move forward.

Campaign insights

Instead of bombarding you with a bunch of numbers, ParaCore’s super nerds interpret what the data means and provide valuable insights on what to do with it.


We help your campaigns make progress every month by following an optimization schedule that focuses on improving a different area each month.

Budget transparency

While many agencies lump all costs together, ParaCore’s monthly reports separate ad spend and management fees so you always know where your budget is going.

Clear results

Marketing reports are often full of “vanity” metrics that look good but don’t tell the whole story. Instead, we focus only on meaningful metrics that tie back to your bottom line.

Actionable next steps

Now that you have the data, what do you do with it? ParaCore connects the dots by clearly outlining the steps we’ll take to keep growing your results the following month.

Learn about optimization

Wish you had better data to make better decisions?

Get in touch with us for a sample report to see how clear and helpful your monthly reports could be.